The International Epilepsy Colloquium represents a joint initiative of 12 leading University Hospital Epilepsy Centers. With the participation of over 200 medical professionals of different epilepsy-related disciplines, the International Epilepsy Colloquium offers a perfect opportunity to connect with medical staff, scientists, and researchers from all around the world and to learn about the latest projects, approaches, and results of leading professionals in inspirational and comprehensive presentations.

The event will take place from March 12-14, 2018 at the University Hospital Frankfurt (University Hospital Frankfurt, Theodor-Stern Kai 7, D-60590 Frankfurt, Germany | Please use main entry building 22). Please find the official invitation including the program and other information about the 11th International Epilepsy Colloquium 2018 here.

Initiators of the International Epilepsy Colloquium are: University Hospital of the Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany | University Hospital of Erlangen, Germany | Lyon University Hospital Institute for Children and Adolescents with Epilepsy – IDEE, France | Grenoble University Hospital, France | University College London, United Kingdom | Université de Lausanne, Switzerland | University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA.

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