General Information / Contact

Course Director:
Felix Rosenow

Hajo M. Hamer
Susanne Knake
Adam Strzelczyk

Organizing Committee:
Alexis Arzimanoglou
John Duncan
Thomas Freiman
Edouard Hirsch
Philippe Kahane
Samden Lhatoo
Hans Lüders
Philippe Ryvlin

Date: March 12 – 14, 2018

University Hospital Frankfurt
Theodor-Stern Kai 7
D-60590 Frankfurt

Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany, is located on the river Main in the center of Germany. It hosts international institutions such as the European Central Bank and is known for its relaxed multicultural atmosphere, the museum embankment (Museumsufer) on the river front and the traditional apple wine (Äppelwoi) restaurants and gardens. Frankfurt hosts excellent cultural attractions including the Opera House (Oper Frankfurt), the Old Opera (Alte Oper) and is home to two complete ochestras.


University Hospital Frankfurt
Epilepsy Center Frankfurt Rhine-Main
Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery
Schleusenweg 2-16
D-60590 Frankfurt

In cooperation with LOEWE-Schwerpunkt CePTER - Center for Personalized Translational Epilepsy Research.

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This conference will be supported by grants from industry. A complete listing of industry supporters can be found online in the Sponsors section and in the conference booklet. Acceptance of funding in support of this conference does not constitute endorsement of any product or manufacturer.

The event’s contents are product and service neutral. Funding and conflicts of interest will be published during/at the event. Potential conflicts of interests of the organizer, the scientific supervisor of the event, and the presenters will be disclosed to the participants by means of e. g. a self-disclosure on the first slide of the presentation.